Books in Jim's Library

13216Artificial Intelligence in FinanceHilpischYvesB1-2Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
10263Cracking the Coding InterviewMcDowellGayle LaakmanmB12-1Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
10264AWS for DevelopersMuellerJohn PaulB12-1Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
10217Ado.Net CookbookHamiltonBillB4-3Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
10218Microsoft SQL Server 2000SharmaRahulB4-3Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
6216C# Data Structures and AlgorithmsJamroMarcinB12-1Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
6217Problem Solving in Data Structures & Algorithms Using C#JainHemantB12-1Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
6218C# 6.0 Pocket ReferenceAlbahariJosephB1-1Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
6219Algorithms in a NutshellHeinemanGeorge T.Gary Pollice and Stanley SelkowB12-1Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
4224Step by Step Bootstrap 3MeqosinarsoRiwantoB4-2Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
4225ASP.Net MVC with Entity Framework and CSSNaylorLeeB12-4Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
6221Learning jQueryChaferJonathanKarl SwedbergB1-1Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
1242C# 4.0 Pocket ReferenceAlbahariJoseph B.Ben AlbahariB1-1Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
1232Pro jQueryFreemanB9-2Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
1239Thinking in LINQMukherjeeSudiptaB9-3Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
1247C# 5.0 in a NutshellAlbahariJosephBen AlbahariB5-3Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
1251Professional ASP.Net MVC 5GallowayJonBrad Wilson, K. Scott Allen, David MatsonB12-4Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
1252C# Pocket ReferenceAlbahariJoseph P.Ben AlbahariB1-1Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
1255Pro ASP.Net Core MVCFreemanAdamB9-1Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
2216C# for Experienced ProgrammersDeitelB4-1Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
3229Windows Communication Foundation 4 Step by StepSharpJohnB12-2Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
3230Google Maps: Power Tools for Maximizing the APIPetroutsosEvangelosB12-2Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
3232Modern Compiler Implementation in JavaAppelAndrew W.B12-2Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
3233Node.js, MongoDB and AngularJS Web DevelopmentDayleyBradB12-2Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
3246Professional C# 2008NagelChristian, et alB12-2Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
3247Pro ASP.Net MVC5 (Fifth Editiion)FreemanAdamB9-3Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
3227ASP.Net jQuery CookbookAllanaSonal AneelB12-2Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
3235Adobe Flex 3.0 for DummiesMcCuneDouglas K.Deepa SubramaniamB12-2Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
3236Kerberos: The Definitive GuideGarmanJasonB12-2Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
3237AI for Game DevelopersBourgDavid M.Glenn SeemannB12-2Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
3238Microsoft SharePoint 2007 DesignSanfordJacob al.B12-2Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
3239Programming .Net 3.5LibertyJesseAlex HorowitzB12-2Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
3240Essential Facebook DevelopmentMaverJohnCappy PoppB12-2Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
1222C# 6.0 in a NutshellAlbahariJoseph P.Ben AlbahariB1-1Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
1229C# 6.0 CookbookHilyardJayStephen TeilhetB9-2Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
1230LINQ : For StartersHawkinsJenniferB9-2Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
518Building PHP Applications with Symfony, CakePHP, and Zend FrameworkPorebskiBartoszKarol Przystalski, and Leszek NowakB12-1Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
522WPF 4.5 UnleashedNathanAdamB12-1Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
5233D Programming for WindowsPetzoldCharlesB12-1Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
524Windows Workflow Foundation Step by StepScribnerKennB12-1Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
525Applied Programming for Microsoft .NETEspositoDinoB12-1Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
526Getting Around with Google Maps: A Programmer's Guide to the Google Maps APISlyJohnB12-1Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
520Murach's PHP and SQLMurachJoelRay HarrisB12-1Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
528Teach Yourself Finnish (1993)LeneyTerttuB12-1Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
530Beginning AlgorithmsHarrisSimonJames RossB12-1Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
503ASP.NET MVC5 with Bootstrap and Knockout.jsMunroJamieB11-1Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
506Sudoku Programming with CZambonGiulioB11-1Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
389Applying Domain-Driven Design and Patterns With Examples in C# and .NETNilssonJimmyB6-1Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
387Understanding the Linux KernalBovetDaniel P.Marco CesatiB6-1Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
392MPEG Video Compression StandardMitchellJoan L.William B. Pennebaker, Chad E. Fogg, and Didier J. LeGallB6-1Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
396Icelandic-English English-Icelandic DictionaryTaylorArnoldB6-1Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
397Advanced Amateur AstronomyNorthGeraldB6-1Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
383Colloquial Persian:The Complete Course for Beginners (with cassette tapes)RafieeAbdiB5-1Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
384Japanese for TodayYasuoYoshidaB5-1Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
385Beginning ASP.Net 2.0 E-Commerce in C# 2005CarieChristianKarli WatsonB5-1Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
376Colloquial HungarianWhitneyArthur H.B5-1Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
369Manual of Foreign Languages for the Use of Librarians, Bibliograpers, Research Workers, Editors, Translators and Printersvon OstermanGeorge F.B5-1Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
337Managed DirectX 9MillerTomB4-1Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
338Constructing Intelligent Agents Using JavaBigusJoseph P.Jennifer BigusB4-1Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
341Beginning Ruby on Rails E-CommerceHellstenChristianJarkko LaineB4-1Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
342The Art of Computer ProgrammingKnuthDonald E.B4-1Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
343Silverllight 2 UnleashedBugnionLawrenceB4-1Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
344Visual Basic 2005StephensRodB4-1Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
345Numerical Recipes in C, 2nd Ed.PressWilliam H.Saul Teukolsky, William Vettering, Brian FlanneryB4-1Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
346Numerican Recipes Example Book [C] 2nd Ed.VetterlingWilliam T.Sol Teukolsky, William H. Press, Brian R. FlanneryB4-1Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
347Programming AtlasWenzChristianB4-1Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
348The C++ Standard Library: A Tutorial and ReferenceJpsuttisNicolai M.B4-1Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
349Beginning C# Objects: From Concepts to CodeBarkerJacquieGrant PalmerB4-2Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
350Java for the World Wide WebSmithDoriB4-2Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
351C# Cookbook, 2nd Ed.HilyardJayStephen TeilhetB4-2Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
352Upgrading to PHP5TrachtenbergAdamB4-2Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
353Programming PerlWallLarryTom Christiansen, Jon OrwantB4-2Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
354Modern Perl ProgrammingSalzmanMichaelB4-2Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
355SQL TuningTowDanB4-2Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
356Beginning SQL Server 2005 ExpressDobsonRickB4-2Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
357Programming PythonLutzMarkB4-2Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
358Advanced Compiler Design ImplementationMuchnickSteven S.B4-2Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
359Windows Presentation Foundation UnleashedNathanAdamB4-2Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
3603D Games: Real-time Rendering and Software Technology (Vol. One)WattAlanFabio PolicarpoB4-2Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
361Practical PerforceWingerdLauraB4-2Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
362Active DirectoryRichardsJoeRobbie Allen, Alistair G. Lowe-NorrisB4-1Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
363Windows Vista inside OutBottEdCarl Siechert, Craig StinsonB4-2Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
364Microsoft Windows InternalsRussinovichMark E.David A. SolomonB4-2Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
365Holub on PatternsHolubAllenB4-2Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
366Software Testing Fundamentals: Methods and MetricsHutchesonMarnie L.Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
367Test-Drive Development in Microsoft .NNewkirkJames K.Alexei A. VorontsovB4-2Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
428Urdu: An Essential GrammarSchmidtRuth LailaB8-1Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
420Practical Programming in Tcl and TkWelchBrent B.B7-1Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
421C++ for DummiesDavisStephen RandyB7-1Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
412Beginning PL/SQL From Novice to ProfessionalBalesDonald J.B7-1Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
413Sam's Teach Yourself SharePoint 2007 in 24 Hours (using Windows SharePoint Services 3.0)WalshMikeB7-1Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
405Colloquial Turkish- The Complete Course for Beginners (with cassettes)AarssenJeroenAd BackusB6-1Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
408Pro C# 2010 and the .NET 4 PlatformTroelsenAndrewB7-1Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
409Professional C# 2005 with .NET 3.0NagelChristianBill Evjen, Jay Glynn, Karli Watson, Morgan SkinnerB7-1Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
466NUnit Pocket ReferenceHamiltonBillB9-1Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
462Teach Yourself Finnish (1993) with 2 CDsLeneyTerttuB9-1Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
468Beginning ASP.NET 4.5 in C#MacDonaldMatthewB9-1Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
443UNIX Network ProgrammingStevensW. RichardB8-1Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
449Entity Framework Tutorial, 2nd Ed.KanjilalJoydipB9-1Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
454Entity Framework 6 RecipesDriscollBrianNitin Gupta, Robert Vettor, Zeeshan Hirani, Larry TennyB9-1Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
455Programming Microsoft Azure Service FabricBaiHaishiB9-1Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
457The Design of Sites: Patterns for Creating Web Sitesvan DuyneDouglas K.James A. Landay, Jason I. HongB9-1Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
10Absolute Beginners Guide to ComputingWangWallaceB01-1Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
11Mathematica DeMystifiedHosteJimB01-1Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
14LINQ Unleashed for C#KimmelPaulB01-1Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
16C# Quick Syntax Quick ReferenceOlssonMikaelB01-1Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
19Photoshop Elements 14 for DummiesObermeierBarbaraTed PadovaB01-2Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4
32Angular JSGreenBradShyam SeshadriB01-2Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre4

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Title Author Other Author Location Genre
Artificial Intelligence in Finance Yves Hilpisch B1-2 Software Engineering
Cracking the Coding Interview Gayle Laakmanm McDowell B12-1 Software Engineering
AWS for Developers John Paul Mueller B12-1 Software Engineering
Ado.Net Cookbook Bill Hamilton B4-3 Software Engineering
Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Rahul Sharma B4-3 Software Engineering
C# Data Structures and Algorithms Marcin Jamro B12-1 Software Engineering
Problem Solving in Data Structures & Algorithms Using C# Hemant Jain B12-1 Software Engineering
C# 6.0 Pocket Reference Joseph Albahari B1-1 Software Engineering
Algorithms in a Nutshell George T. Heineman Gary Pollice and Stanley Selkow B12-1 Software Engineering
Step by Step Bootstrap 3 Riwanto Meqosinarso B4-2 Software Engineering
ASP.Net MVC with Entity Framework and CSS Lee Naylor B12-4 Software Engineering
Learning jQuery Jonathan Chafer Karl Swedberg B1-1 Software Engineering
C# 4.0 Pocket Reference Joseph B. Albahari Ben Albahari B1-1 Software Engineering
Pro jQuery Freeman B9-2 Software Engineering
Thinking in LINQ Sudipta Mukherjee B9-3 Software Engineering
C# 5.0 in a Nutshell Joseph Albahari Ben Albahari B5-3 Software Engineering
Professional ASP.Net MVC 5 Jon Galloway Brad Wilson, K. Scott Allen, David Matson B12-4 Software Engineering
C# Pocket Reference Joseph P. Albahari Ben Albahari B1-1 Software Engineering
Pro ASP.Net Core MVC Adam Freeman B9-1 Software Engineering
C# for Experienced Programmers Deitel B4-1 Software Engineering
Windows Communication Foundation 4 Step by Step John Sharp B12-2 Software Engineering
Google Maps: Power Tools for Maximizing the API Evangelos Petroutsos B12-2 Software Engineering
Modern Compiler Implementation in Java Andrew W. Appel B12-2 Software Engineering
Node.js, MongoDB and AngularJS Web Development Brad Dayley B12-2 Software Engineering
Professional C# 2008 Christian, et al Nagel B12-2 Software Engineering
Pro ASP.Net MVC5 (Fifth Editiion) Adam Freeman B9-3 Software Engineering
ASP.Net jQuery Cookbook Sonal Aneel Allana B12-2 Software Engineering
Adobe Flex 3.0 for Dummies Douglas K. McCune Deepa Subramaniam B12-2 Software Engineering
Kerberos: The Definitive Guide Jason Garman B12-2 Software Engineering
AI for Game Developers David M. Bourg Glenn Seemann B12-2 Software Engineering
Microsoft SharePoint 2007 Design Jacob J. Sanford et al. B12-2 Software Engineering
Programming .Net 3.5 Jesse Liberty Alex Horowitz B12-2 Software Engineering
Essential Facebook Development John Maver Cappy Popp B12-2 Software Engineering
C# 6.0 in a Nutshell Joseph P. Albahari Ben Albahari B1-1 Software Engineering
C# 6.0 Cookbook Jay Hilyard Stephen Teilhet B9-2 Software Engineering
LINQ : For Starters Jennifer Hawkins B9-2 Software Engineering
Building PHP Applications with Symfony, CakePHP, and Zend Framework Bartosz Porebski Karol Przystalski, and Leszek Nowak B12-1 Software Engineering
WPF 4.5 Unleashed Adam Nathan B12-1 Software Engineering
3D Programming for Windows Charles Petzold B12-1 Software Engineering
Windows Workflow Foundation Step by Step Kenn Scribner B12-1 Software Engineering
Applied Programming for Microsoft .NET Dino Esposito B12-1 Software Engineering
Getting Around with Google Maps: A Programmer's Guide to the Google Maps API John Sly B12-1 Software Engineering
Murach's PHP and SQL Joel Murach Ray Harris B12-1 Software Engineering
Teach Yourself Finnish (1993) Terttu Leney B12-1 Software Engineering
Beginning Algorithms Simon Harris James Ross B12-1 Software Engineering
ASP.NET MVC5 with Bootstrap and Knockout.js Jamie Munro B11-1 Software Engineering
Sudoku Programming with C Giulio Zambon B11-1 Software Engineering
Applying Domain-Driven Design and Patterns With Examples in C# and .NET Jimmy Nilsson B6-1 Software Engineering
Understanding the Linux Kernal Daniel P. Bovet Marco Cesati B6-1 Software Engineering
MPEG Video Compression Standard Joan L. Mitchell William B. Pennebaker, Chad E. Fogg, and Didier J. LeGall B6-1 Software Engineering
Icelandic-English English-Icelandic Dictionary Arnold Taylor B6-1 Software Engineering
Advanced Amateur Astronomy Gerald North B6-1 Software Engineering
Colloquial Persian:The Complete Course for Beginners (with cassette tapes) Abdi Rafiee B5-1 Software Engineering
Japanese for Today Yoshida Yasuo B5-1 Software Engineering
Beginning ASP.Net 2.0 E-Commerce in C# 2005 Christian Carie Karli Watson B5-1 Software Engineering
Colloquial Hungarian Arthur H. Whitney B5-1 Software Engineering
Manual of Foreign Languages for the Use of Librarians, Bibliograpers, Research Workers, Editors, Translators and Printers George F. von Osterman B5-1 Software Engineering
Managed DirectX 9 Tom Miller B4-1 Software Engineering
Constructing Intelligent Agents Using Java Joseph P. Bigus Jennifer Bigus B4-1 Software Engineering
Beginning Ruby on Rails E-Commerce Christian Hellsten Jarkko Laine B4-1 Software Engineering
The Art of Computer Programming Donald E. Knuth B4-1 Software Engineering
Silverllight 2 Unleashed Lawrence Bugnion B4-1 Software Engineering
Visual Basic 2005 Rod Stephens B4-1 Software Engineering
Numerical Recipes in C, 2nd Ed. William H. Press Saul Teukolsky, William Vettering, Brian Flannery B4-1 Software Engineering
Numerican Recipes Example Book [C] 2nd Ed. William T. Vetterling Sol Teukolsky, William H. Press, Brian R. Flannery B4-1 Software Engineering
Programming Atlas Christian Wenz B4-1 Software Engineering
The C++ Standard Library: A Tutorial and Reference Nicolai M. Jpsuttis B4-1 Software Engineering
Beginning C# Objects: From Concepts to Code Jacquie Barker Grant Palmer B4-2 Software Engineering
Java for the World Wide Web Dori Smith B4-2 Software Engineering
C# Cookbook, 2nd Ed. Jay Hilyard Stephen Teilhet B4-2 Software Engineering
Upgrading to PHP5 Adam Trachtenberg B4-2 Software Engineering
Programming Perl Larry Wall Tom Christiansen, Jon Orwant B4-2 Software Engineering
Modern Perl Programming Michael Salzman B4-2 Software Engineering
SQL Tuning Dan Tow B4-2 Software Engineering
Beginning SQL Server 2005 Express Rick Dobson B4-2 Software Engineering
Programming Python Mark Lutz B4-2 Software Engineering
Advanced Compiler Design Implementation Steven S. Muchnick B4-2 Software Engineering
Windows Presentation Foundation Unleashed Adam Nathan B4-2 Software Engineering
3D Games: Real-time Rendering and Software Technology (Vol. One) Alan Watt Fabio Policarpo B4-2 Software Engineering
Practical Perforce Laura Wingerd B4-2 Software Engineering
Active Directory Joe Richards Robbie Allen, Alistair G. Lowe-Norris B4-1 Software Engineering
Windows Vista inside Out Ed Bott Carl Siechert, Craig Stinson B4-2 Software Engineering
Microsoft Windows Internals Mark E. Russinovich David A. Solomon B4-2 Software Engineering
Holub on Patterns Allen Holub B4-2 Software Engineering
Software Testing Fundamentals: Methods and Metrics Marnie L. Hutcheson Software Engineering
Test-Drive Development in Microsoft .N James K. Newkirk Alexei A. Vorontsov B4-2 Software Engineering
Urdu: An Essential Grammar Ruth Laila Schmidt B8-1 Software Engineering
Practical Programming in Tcl and Tk Brent B. Welch B7-1 Software Engineering
C++ for Dummies Stephen Randy Davis B7-1 Software Engineering
Beginning PL/SQL From Novice to Professional Donald J. Bales B7-1 Software Engineering
Sam's Teach Yourself SharePoint 2007 in 24 Hours (using Windows SharePoint Services 3.0) Mike Walsh B7-1 Software Engineering
Colloquial Turkish- The Complete Course for Beginners (with cassettes) Jeroen Aarssen Ad Backus B6-1 Software Engineering
Pro C# 2010 and the .NET 4 Platform Andrew Troelsen B7-1 Software Engineering
Professional C# 2005 with .NET 3.0 Christian Nagel Bill Evjen, Jay Glynn, Karli Watson, Morgan Skinner B7-1 Software Engineering
NUnit Pocket Reference Bill Hamilton B9-1 Software Engineering
Teach Yourself Finnish (1993) with 2 CDs Terttu Leney B9-1 Software Engineering
Beginning ASP.NET 4.5 in C# Matthew MacDonald B9-1 Software Engineering
UNIX Network Programming W. Richard Stevens B8-1 Software Engineering
Entity Framework Tutorial, 2nd Ed. Joydip Kanjilal B9-1 Software Engineering
Entity Framework 6 Recipes Brian Driscoll Nitin Gupta, Robert Vettor, Zeeshan Hirani, Larry Tenny B9-1 Software Engineering
Programming Microsoft Azure Service Fabric Haishi Bai B9-1 Software Engineering
The Design of Sites: Patterns for Creating Web Sites Douglas K. van Duyne James A. Landay, Jason I. Hong B9-1 Software Engineering
Absolute Beginners Guide to Computing Wallace Wang B01-1 Software Engineering
Mathematica DeMystified Jim Hoste B01-1 Software Engineering
LINQ Unleashed for C# Paul Kimmel B01-1 Software Engineering
C# Quick Syntax Quick Reference Mikael Olsson B01-1 Software Engineering
Photoshop Elements 14 for Dummies Barbara Obermeier Ted Padova B01-2 Software Engineering
Angular JS Brad Green Shyam Seshadri B01-2 Software Engineering