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10238The New PhysicsDavies (ed.)PaulB4-3Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre25
10234Physical ElectronicsHemenwayCurtisRichard Henry and Martin CaultonB4-3Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre25
10235Principles and Applications of Electromagnetic FieldsPlonseyRobertRobert E. CollinB4-3Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre25
10236Six Easy PiecesFeynmanRichardB4-3Cross_Comp.Models.BookGenre25

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Title Author Other Author Location Genre
The New Physics Paul Davies (ed.) B4-3 Physics
Physical Electronics Curtis Hemenway Richard Henry and Martin Caulton B4-3 Physics
Principles and Applications of Electromagnetic Fields Robert Plonsey Robert E. Collin B4-3 Physics
Six Easy Pieces Richard Feynman B4-3 Physics